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Meet me in the fucking pit
James from James and the Giant Peach at one point probably (via dlubes) ←


Step (2013)
Vampire Weekend

Art by Yoni Alter

Id rather have plants than money i guess

But I’m A Cheerleader (1999)

Guys listen

I was walking around outside with boy and we passed this house and in the yard they had what looked like a dog house but it was like super cool and we were like whoa thats sick and then instead if a dog a fricking HUGE ASS TURTLE comes walkin out of it i was like ehat the fuck this is the best thing ive ever seen omfg her name was rhonda

Track: Shallows
Artist: Daughter
Album: If You Leave


daughter // shallows


actors: Ezra Miller


one of my favourite moments is when i’m sitting on a toilet completely drunk and i just smile and nod at myself in silence


ramune sodas peach and sweetie